Credico's Campaign Comedy Caucus Countdown at the Commons

Randy Credico, Dan Vitale, Barry Weintraub, Julianne Forlano, and more TBA

A gathering of veteran social and political satirists et al on the eve of the the Iowa Caucus hosted by political satirist/acitivist Randy Credico. Featuring Dan Vitale, Barry Weintraub, Julianne Forlano, Scott Blakeman, Rhonda Ransome, Rafi D'lugoff and more TBA

America's sharpest political satirists will have you rolling in the aisles... and storming the barricades - with the kind of impolite and politically incorrect material that is a no-no on their straight radio and TV gigs. They are veteran performers whose appearances range from the Tonight Show to MGM-TV, and from Saturday Night Live to Comedy Central and MSNBC. Join them for a rollicking session of biting wit and irreverent wisecracks on the eve of the Iowa Caucus.