The Revolutionary Columbia University Struggle of 1968

Eric Mann, Komozi Woodard and Channing Martinez

The Battle for Historical Interpretation with Lessons for Today’s Movement How the Black Movement in Harlem, Student Afro-American Society and Students for a Democratic Society took on the Columbia ruling class representatives, Mayor Lindsay, The New York Times and the New York Police Department and Won. Eric Mann, director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center, Veteran of the Congress of Racial Equality, Newark Community Union Project, Students for a Democratic Society, the Columbia University Struggle and the United Auto Workers, author of Playbook for Progressives: The 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer In Conversation with Komozi Woodard, author of Nation within a Nation: Amiri Baraka and Black Power Politics, and Channing Martinez, lead organizer, Labor/Community Strategy Center, and manager, Strategy and Soul Movement Center